COVID-19  Response Initiatives

The economic impact from COVID-19 is widespread. As a nonprofit organization that is committed to fostering community, improving community health & inspiring positive action through participation in endurance events, we profoundly feel the impact of this pandemic.

We have mobilized to develop several direct and immediate programs.

These programs are designed to quickly provide critical funding, resource support & valuable community connection for individuals, families, and organizations in need. 

Here are a few of the highlights from 2020:

  • Launched our first virtual team wellness challenge: connecting100+ team members from across the United States & logging 5000+ miles of healthy daily activity

  • Distributed over 787 masks & wellness kits to at risk community members

  • Provided over 500 hours of free career & business advisory to under-represented community members

  • Collaborated with a UC Irvine Graduate Design team to develop the prototype for an app allows us to expand our impact in the future

With your support we look forward to even more positive impact in 2021. 

Female Using Computer
Business Meeting

Education & Outreach

We provide critical inclusive resources in career development, entrepreneurship, & personal growth online.

With programs like our Career Development Series, our goal is to make the programs we typically host in person available as on demand resources to all those who need them.

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Community Engagement

We see every challenge as an opportunity. The programs in this initiative are a great example.  

Concerned about the health & well being of those who are "sheltering in place," we designed these challenges to connect, inspire, & encourage giving from all. 

Giving Should Be Easy. 

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Community Development

Through programs like our Community Challenge Events, we can inspire positive change in the world.

Community development is one of our key goals. We believe in the power of bringing community members together to unlock creativity & innovation.

Get in touch with us today & see how you can lend a helping hand with this program.