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Competition Can Be Tough. Giving Should Be Easy.

Our Nonprofit Operation Depends on the Generosity of Donors

Today, over 95 cents out of every dollar raised goes directly to impact work.  We operate with a low overhead to maximize the support we can provide the community. 

We have setup several trusted channels to accept payments: 

  • from Facebook to Go Fund Me 

  • from Paypal to Fidelity Charity

  • from Cash to Cars to Bitcoin

We make it easy for you to support our cause. 

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Thrive Community Fundraiser

Help Us Meet Our Goal

Over the past 5+ years, our organization has operated as a volunteer-run and led charity organization.

During that time we secured our 501(c)3 status and built a strong foundation of community-run, results-driven health equity programs. From charity runs to free community educational programs our team has demonstrated a commitment to our mission and proven the value of our organization in the nonprofit ecosystem.  

Now we are asking for community support to help us scale the reach of our organization.  

We would like to officially add paid program staff to expand our organizational capacity and increase our programs' transparency and rigor.

Additionally, we are seeking funding to allow for the technical development of a digital platform that will allow us to amplify our program reach while also reducing the operating expenses associated with delivering our charity programs. 

Your support to the Thrive Capital Campaign will enable Start Giving Local to take a monumental step toward our goal of bridging the health equity gap.

With your help, Start Giving Local can reach this goal and continue the work we’ve set out to do.

Please help if you can. Every donation makes a difference.

Ways to Give: About

PayPal Donation

Make a One Time or Recurring Payment

  • Simple Donation Process

  • Anonymous Donation Option

  • Trusted Platform

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Additional Ways to Give

Your support makes our impact possible

Inclusive wellness is at the center of our mission. We understand that not everyone can give financially. But if you can, your contribution is essential to our work. 

Our programs are a catalyst designed to end cycles of generational poverty.

Your donations: 

  • are instrumental to our ability to bring about positive change 

  • help bridge the equity gap in health outcomes. 

We make supporting our organization easy: 

  • Make an immediate donation using your preferred donor platform.

  • Contact us to learn about our newly launched major gift & sponsorship recognition programs

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Ways to Give: Welcome

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Charity Athlete Initiative

Join an Upcoming Event or Start a Team

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Join an Active Fundraising Drive or Start Your Own

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Become a Basmenteer

Support Start Giving Local by Shopping Sports Basement Retail Stores

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Community Challenge 

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