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Meaningful Work

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Transforming Lives

Start Giving Local is dedicated to putting inclusive health first. We recognize the importance of regional variations and build nimble digital-first, hybrid, and asynchronous learning programs. Virtual career workshops, nutrition & wellness programs, entrepreneurship, and business coaching we support initiatives that help the community be more fit for the future. 

Our educational programs focus on skill-building for under-addressed populations. Efficacy is measured by community served, skills gained, and outcomes that help break the cycle of generational poverty/health risk.  

Lend a helping hand and join our efforts today.

Hot Stew

Community Outreach

Helping Those Who Need Us Most

Start Giving Local believes that local communities understand local needs. Our Community Outreach & Corporate Volunteer programs offer a much-desired platform for connecting local resources with community problems that are often under-addressed. Programs are suggested by and run by community volunteers. Efficacy is measured by evaluating self-sustaining feasibility, community reach, and ability to fill a gap in existing local services. 

Become a part of a brighter future and join our efforts today.

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Charity Athletes Initiative

The Future Looks Fitter

We believe in the transformative power of endurance events to create a positive impact in our communities. By combining their passion for fitness and sports with fundraising efforts, charity athletes contribute to various organizations and initiatives that address social issues.

Start Giving Local's participation in community endurance events aligns with our commitment to promoting community wellness and supporting important causes. We recognize that these events provide an opportunity for individuals to challenge themselves physically while making a meaningful contribution to society.

Through our participation and support, we aim to reduce barriers to well-being, promote inclusivity, and advance the physical, mental, and financial health of individuals and communities. We embrace the belief that sports and fitness can be powerful agents for positive change.

By participating in endurance events, we foster a sense of community engagement, inspire teamwork, and amplify the efforts of other charitable organizations. Our goal is to create a platform where individuals can unleash their athletic potential while simultaneously making a difference in the world.

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